Unique From the Dutch Garden

Born:  22.6.2012

Heigh: 67cm

Weigh: 40 kg

Sire: Pic D´Anie Broadway Boogiewoogie

Dam: Waike From the Dutch Garden

 HD 0/0


As  right " Pyrenean girl" , Niki is more vigorous...Our little
Dutchwoman can be recognized by her temper and good heart. Undoubtedly, she can
identify and pacify all the unwelcome guests and as for the  " right ones", those guests and dogs who are always
welcomed, greets, although a bit louder, with so much more pleasure.

She loves her family, especially children, who can run
about with her even all day. As she can make anybody  " to be on the alert" , she can
also be incredibly gentle and nice. She is 
all-round "girl". She often welcomes us with lump of clay on
her nose and dirty paws, perhaps she carefully prepares ikebana made up of branches and flowers picked off
their roots or heroically kills "twenty-meters-long green snake", which
she found while it was quietly laying on the lawn....grass will survive for a
while, buying a new  hose  doesn´t take long, fortunately :)

Niki is excellent mummy of our, up to now "A" litter.

Unique and characteristic according to the breed:

Niki is middle-sized female dog, her limbs are of very good angle, she has
nice typical head, correct frontal slope, good eyesight - both shape and
colour, correct scissor  occlusion, correct pigmentation, correct position
and length of ears, well based and borne tail, joyful movement, double


Slovak junior champion

Slovak champion

Slovak grand champion

Club champion od KPP

4x VN1, 3xCAJC, 2x Junior BOB, 7x CAC,  1x CACIB, 2x Res. CACIB, 1x BOS, 1x BOB