Our Steiny has passed away on 25th of june 2021. We miss him so much.He taugh me how great pyrenees can be...so stubborn , so proud , so loud, so genial , so big but so gentle. ......Rest in peace my sweet boy

 Born: 24.10.2008

Heigh: 82 cm

Weigh :60 kg

HD 0/0

Sire: Alta Colinas Gromgutt

Dam: Holly Farma Štekot




Our "Pupík", as all his friends call him, is light-hearted, friendly but also very self-confident dog.
He doesn´t miss anything, whether it happens on the back yard or out of it. He loves his family, the human one as well as the furry one, especially children.
He behaves like a guardian, woe betide those, who would look at them in a bad
way. Steiny is our great pet, he loves playing with toys, his most favourite one is drainpipe...Sometimes, he makes up a surprise in the form of a new hole on the lawn or "trimmed" trees, but it is so Pyrenean, isn´t it? :)



When Steiny was younger, we noticed his affection towards disabled people. Probably the most powerful and crucial moment was at an exhibition when a nice disabled lady asked us if she could caress our dog. Of course, she could...Steiny came towards her and put his large head on her knees and let her caress him. Some passers-by stopped looking speechless and were amazed at tenderness and kindness of such a big dog.

It didn´t take long, and we found a training
card of Slovak association of dog therapists under the Christmas tree, where my
husband enrolled us in a special training. After getting through the
training, Einstein passed all the tests with A level and became the first
Pyrenean Mountain Dog with accredited therapeutical training under SAPT and SČK
in Slovakia.

Einstein and his characteristic  according to the breed:


Steiny is a dog of correct type, right size with good and strong pigment, beautiful structure. Strong with large
male head, good shape and colour of the eye and high-quality fur. He has correct set of teeth, scissor occlusion and double dewclaws, which are typical sign of Pyrenean Mountain Dogs.




Slovak champion

Slovak grand champion

8xCAC, 4x Res.CAC, 7x CACIB, 5x Res, CACIB, 3x BOB



  • 6.6.2010 IDS Grand Prix Slovakia 2010 Nitra, intermediate class, excellent 1, CAC, reserve CACIB
  • 22.8.2010 IDS Duodanube Bratislava, intermediate class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB,judge Bierwolf
  • 9.10.2010 Club show Mollos klub,intermediate class, excellent 2, reserve CAC, judge Pocas
  • 14.5.2011 IDS Springduodanube, open class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, judge Kliebenstein
  • 15.5.2011 IDS Springduodanube, open class, excellent 1, CAC, reserve CACIB, judge Ubrová
  • 4.6.2011 IDS Grand Prix Slovakia Nitra 2011, open class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB,judge Olga Šinko
  • 5.6.2011 IDS Derby winner show 2011, open class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, judge Mravík
  • 1.12.2012 IDS Duocacib Nitra 2012,champion class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, judge Halas
  • 2.12.2012 IDS Duocacib Nitra 2012, champion class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB,
  • 24.2.2013 IDS Nitra 2012, champion class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, judge Djordje Ratkov
  • 3.6.2017 IDS Grand Prix Slovakia 2017 Nitra,veteran class,excellent1, Grand prix Slovakia veteran winner 2017,  judge Polgar Andráš
  • 19.8.2017 IDS Bratislava, veteran class,excellent 1, judge Uroševič
  • 20.8.2017 IDS Bratislava,veteran class,excellent  1, judge Milan Bíroš
  • Club show Slovakia Moloss club Tlmače, veteran class, excellent 1, judge Priehoda