ARESCO Red Sunset

Aresco was born at our kennel as a ninth puppy from A litter. His parents are Einstein Blatka and Unique From the Dutch garden.

Born 31.10.2014

Weight : about 57 kgs

Elbow dysplasia examination 0/0

Hip dysplasia examination A/A - no signs of HD



Slovak junior champion

Slovak champion  

Slovak grand champion

Slovak show champion -as a first dog from our breed in Slovakia!

Slovak super grand champion


More photos:

I´d like to promote his profile despite the fact that he is not my dog and lives beautiful life with his family, because I´m very proud of the fine confident dog he grew up to be.

Aresco is healthy and has good friendly nature. He is a  bit  "talkative":))


4.2015 Club show of KPP  Helfštýn, puppy class, very promissing 1,judge  Giannone

8.6.2015 IDS Grand prix Slovakia 2015 , puppy class, very promissing 1, Grand prix Slovakia Puppy winner,judge Oliviera

22.8.2015 - IDS Bratislava, junior class, excellent 1, CAJC, BOB, judge Vladimír Piskay

23.8.2015 - IDS  Bratislava,junior class, excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB, BOS judge Kalinichenko

12.9.2015 Club show Moloss  club Kamenný mlyn - junior class, excellent 1 CAJC ,Junior club winner

17.10.2015 Club show of KPP, junior class, excellent 1 , CAJC , judge Rafael Alcrudo

30.4.2016 Club show of Mollos club Nenince, intermediate class,excellent 1,CAC, judge Sergej Vanzha

12.6.2016 IDS Derby winner show Nitra, intermediate class, excellent 1, CAC, res, Cacib, judge Jaroslav Matyáš

18.7.2016 Intercanis Brno ,intermediate class, excellent  1,CAC, res,Cacib judge Adlt

6.11.2016 IDS Danube DuoCAcib, open class, excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB judge Poltri

3.12.2016 IDS Nitradog, open class, excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB judge Muller

19.2.2017 National dog show, open class, excellent 1,CAC, Slovak Winner  judge Jaroslav Matyáš

15.4.2017 Club show of KPP,open class, excellent 3, judge  Rafael Escar Tabuena

29.4.2017 National show Nenince,champion class,excellent 1, res. CAC, judge Marián Priehoda

3.6.2017 Grand prix Slovakia Nitra, champions class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Grand prix Slovakia winner judge Polgar Andras

4.6.2017 Derby winner show Nitra, champion class, excellent 2, Res. CAC, Res. CACIB judge Miroslav Václavík

19.8.2017 IDS Bratislava, champion class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB judge Uroševič

20.8.2017 IDS Bratislava, champion class, excellent 1, CAC, Res,CACIB judge Milan Bíroš

9.9.2017 Club show Slovakia Moloss club Kamenný mlyn,champion class,excellent  1,CAC, BOB,Club winner

10.12.2017IDS Duocacib Nitra,champion class, excellent 1, CAC, judge Kuriš

10.2.2018 IDS Nitra Winter show, champion class, excellent 1, CAC, judge Milan Bíroš

11.2. 2018 IDS  Nitra Winter show,champion class, excellent 2, res. CAC  rozhodca Miroslav Václavík


7.4.2018 IDS Nitra dog, champion class, excellent 2, res. CAC, judge Vanzha

28.4.2018 Club show Slovakia Moloss club,champion class, excellent 1, CAC, BOS, judge Priehoda

12.5.2018 IDS Lučenec,champion class, excellent 1, CAC , CACIB, judge Staviarska

8.6.2018 IDS President cup & WSS Nitra,champion class, excellent 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB rozhodca Carsten

9.6.2018 IDS Grand prix Slovakia, champion class, excellent 1,CAC, CACIB, Grand prix Slovakia winner judge Monika Blaha

10.6.2018 Derby winner show Nitra, champion class,excellent 2, res.CAC, res. CACIB, judge Cox

18.8.2018 IDS Bratislava,champion class,excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS judge Hargitai

26.10.2018 IDS Bratislava, champion class,excellent 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB, judge Ostrovskaya

27.10.2018 IDS Bratislava,champion class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, judge Anne Marie Class

8.12.2018 IDS Duocacib Nitradog,champion class, excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB, judge Matyáš