Angie Red Sunset

Born: 31.10.2014

Sire : Einstein Blatka

Dam: Unique From the Dutch garden

Weight : 52 kgs

HD A, ED 0/0

Examination of patellar luxation: Left/Right - negative

Angie is completelly daddy´s girl:) She is strong but so good hearted and a bit calmer than her mommy Niki and sister Amadea. But anyway... she likes to bark when she has an opportunity.

9.12.2016 Angie tooks an exams as excellent and became therapy dog  as well as her daddy Einstein and grand father Boogie.


VP2,  7x Excellent 1 CAC, Res. CACIB, CACIB, BOS



1.3.2015 IDS Nitra, very promissing 2, puppy class,  rozhodca Haranen

5.11.2016 IDS Danube DuoCacib Bratislava,open class, excellent 1, CAC,

3.12.2016 IDS NitraDog, open class, excellent1, CAC , judge  Molnár

4.12.2016 IDS NitraDog, open class, excellent 1, CAC, reserve CACIB, judge Mueller

1.4.2017 IDS Danube DuoCacib Bratisla, open class, Výborná 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS judge Zeniou

16.9.2017 IDS Duocacib Nitra , champion class, excellent 2, reserve CAC judge Nenad Maric

10.2.2018 IDS Duocacib Nitradog,champion class ,excellent 1, CAC, judge Bíroš

18.2.2018 National dog show Bratislava , champion class, excellent 1, CAC, judge Piskay

10.6.20018 IDS Derby winner show Nitra , champion class,excellent 1, CAC, CACIB , judge Cox