Born 5.4.2006

Weigh :2,5 kg

Breed: Yorkshire terier


Our Sunny is "furry senior member" of our family.
Originally urban dog got used to living in the countryside and in a short time,
Steiny was added to him. He doesn´t like laying on the pillows like head of our
dog pack does, he is respected by all its members . Alhough he is small, he can organize all the  Pyrenean dogs. He considerably influenced Einstein´s upbringing, so Steiny´s actor´s performance is often peerless...Sunny is a "terrain" example of yorkshire, he loves walks, running about and even as a nine-year-old, he hasn´t  cooled his hunting instinct down. Even thanks to him, our Pyrenean dogs can get along with small dogs and respect them. Sunny is over 15 years old now.