Dog assisted therapy


They are not only champions but they also help......


As I have already written by particular dogs,  we devote to canistherapy, which is
essentially, healing by dog.

Both our "guys" Einstien and Boogie were certified canistherapists. As a therapeutical team, we
are backed by Slovak association of dog therapists and SČK. Essentially, each
dog therapist chooses his target group. With us,  children swept the polls. Our patients are
mainly disabled children, children with behavioral disorders and kynophobia but
we have also friends among healthy children in kindergartens, who we teach, in
a playful way, how to love, respect, 
make friends and overall, how to have a positive attitude towards

Visiting each institution, household, school or kindergarten is different,
but everywhere, we meet new friends, among children, parents, teachers,

The Dutch say that Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a breed which can see through
the human soul. They are definitely right. Pyrenean Mountain Dogs can amazingly
evaluate any situation and adjust to it. It happened many times  we were invited to attend child to use
canistherapy. Dog can feel how the human is doing and he defined that it is the
parent/parents who need the canistherapy. They often bear...difficult even

Einstein also operated as "silent alarm" by epileptic seizure (Boogie has
not been tested).

Visiting of kindergartens and schools or lectures on canistherapy are more
joyful. We are always asked many interesting questions, we always have a lot of
fun. Sometimes, Steiny took children for a friendly visit to
kitchen...returning home, the dogs were tired, exhausted but happy, Sometimes,
children from kindergarten  draw nice
pictures, where the biggest green blot usually represents Pupík or Boogie :-),
for us. Canistherapy is not about dragging dog´s ears, tail or fur and the dog
leaves it as it is...

No dog can control himself perfectly. Canistherapy in not only about taking but
also about giving love and understanding, the real therapy is when both human
and furry therapist are looking forward to it. Only that, patient can make
further progress.