Soumoulou Du Massif De L´Esterel

Import France
Born : 15.3.2021
Dam: Pastoure Du Massif De L´Esterel
Sire : Amines

HD 0/0 - "A", ED 0/0 - "O"

Examination  of patellar luxation: right/ left - free/ negative

OCD right / left  - negative



IDS Duodanube Bratislava 20.8.2021, minor puppy class Very promissing 1, judge Lozic Željko

IDS Duodanube Bratislava 21.8.2021, minor puppy class Very promissing  1, judge Denk Csaba

IDS Duodanube Bratislava 22.8.2021, minor puppy class, Very promissing 1, judge Milan Bíroš

Slovakia Moloss club  - club show  Malacky 25.9.2021, puppy class, Very promissing1, BIS Puppy, judge Milan Bíroš, BIS puppy judge Dušan Kuriš.

IDS CACIB Nitradog: 5. 5. 2022, junior class : Excellent 1, judge : Terézia Gargušová

Club show of  Club of pyrenean  breeds Počátky 7.5.2022  junior class: Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, club winner, judge : Norbert Gainche

IDS CACiB Nitradog 8.5.2022 junior class : Excellent 1, CAJC, BOS , judge : Martin Šipkovský

IDS Cacib Nitradog 7.7..2022 junior class: Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB, judge Milan Bíroš


This cute boy , new blood for our kennel has come from France recently. He is really amazing , we are so happy and looking forward for our adventures with him:)