Pic D´Anie Broadway Boogiewoogie

Import USA/Belgium

Born: 5.5.2007

Heigh : 76cm

Weigh: 55 kg


Sire: Dieudonne Impyrial Acclaim

Dam: Pic D´Anie Amelie L Pyrfection


Boogie is "Mr. Dog", he exceeds in calm and good-hearted nature. Although
he added to our family as adult, he perfectly fit into the pack. He likes being
in the centre of attention, he enjoys compliments. Despite his age, he is still
in good condition, when going with him for a walk, he can even cope with longer
walk. He is amazing, nice, friendly "teddy bear", who can evaluate situation
and as each Pyrenean, he can see through the human soul. He loves children and
despite his hugeness, he is a very gentle and good-hearted dog.

 Just like Einstein, Boogie devotes to canistherapy. He passed the tests with A level and became second Pyrenean
Mountain Dog with accredited therapeutical training backed by SAPT and SČK in Slovakia.

Boogie and his characteristic according to the breed:

Middle-sized, strong dog, good structure, correct upper line, his limbs are of very good angle, beautiful rhythmic movement, well based and
borne tail, high-quality fur, good shaped head, double dewclaws, beautiful eyes,
correct pigmentation, well-developed breast, correct position of ears.

Boogie a jeho charakteristika podľa plemena:

Stredne veľký, silný pes, dobrá kostra,  má správnu hornú líniu, správne uhlenie
končatín,  krásny  rytmický pohyb, výborné nasadenie a nesenie
chvosta, správna kvalita srsti, dobre modelovaná hlava, dvojité paspárky,
nádherné oči, korektná pigmentácia, výborne vyvinutý hrudník, korektná pozícia


American Champion

Slovak Champion

In Slovakia : 6x CAC,  2xRes CAC, 2x CACIB, 5x Res. CACIB, 1x BOS